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Scala Web Applications Framework For Developers

All the web developing frameworks of scala available online are smarter and full-of functionalities. In general, frameworks offer libraries that help developers to access a database, handle sessions and cookies and develop templates to display their HTML and to promote code recycling. These days, developers can rely on multiple Scala web applications frameworks that are available online. In this story, you will read about some of those frameworks in brief.

Play framework

Play framework is among best scala frameworks as it makes the task of building web app with java and scala easier for developers. Play framework is based on stateless, lightweight, web-friendly architecture. It is built on Akka and offers predictable and least resource consumption for extremely scalable apps. Highly productive in nature, Play integrates the APIs and components required by developers for developing modern web apps.


Lift is a robust and secure scala framework available for developers today. Lift applications are secure, designer friendly, developer centric, scalable, modular, and interactive. We will discuss these features of Lift apps now.

Secure apps are resistant to common vulnerabilities. Developer centric means these apps are fast to develop, compact, and easy to maintain. Designer friendly feature explains that developers can build apps in designer friendly way. Modular implies that Lift apps can benefit from pre built modules, which are also easy to integrate.


Scalatra framework is inspired by Sinatra that will help developers in building API’s and extremely accessible websites in limited duration of time. It is an easy HTTP DSL that lets developers to start with a small amount of code and then add the number of libraries required by them when their app grows.


Spray framework is ideal suite having lightweight scala libraries that offer client and server-side REST/HTTP support. It is modular, testable, and delivers high performance.

Among all of these frameworks, developers are using Play framework to intend modular scala web applications. Are you also using any scala framework? Tell us which one you like to use and share your experience with other readers.