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The New Netbeans Beta Version Is Available For Java Development Now!

The New Netbeans Beta Version Is Available For Java Development NowNetBeans Beta version recently. The upgraded version includes enterprise edition, software edition and mobile edition for Java 8. A new set of tools and features will also be available with enhanced Java development capabilities.

New enhancements for HTML and JavaScript will be available so that web solutions could be more robust and helpful for the users. This new version also has a significant improvement for different Java technologies like Primefaces, EE capabilities, Maven Repository etc.

It is true that latest version includes so many Java Development features that were awaited by developers so far. Some of the highlights are performance tuning, enhanced Java tools, and better code compilation techniques etc. There is one Navigator to help you in understanding Java classes up to depth. This will be the first time that Java and C++ programs could be run or executed over a single IDE i.e. new NetBeans Beta version.

If you are a Java EE developer then new version supports deployment of Java apps over Oracle’s Web server Logic. Net Beans has been a very popular IDE since inception and now its capabilities are expanding tremendously almost with every edition.

There was a time when writing even a simple Java program was tough for Java developers but now IDE support has changed the programming environment completely. Programmers just need to be creative or logical during Java development; rest will be done by IDE itself.

The new NetBeans Beta version is available in several languages to download. Choice is up to you which language suits you most. To know more on Java development options and our offerings, contact us now!