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Is Jsweet Too Sweet For Java Web Development?

The recently available JSweet offers developers opportunity to leverage their java web development skills to build new apps in JavaScript. It’s a TypeScript based technology; TypeScript is a MS-based superset compiling to JavaScript.

JSweet leverages TypeScript in order to provide the protected and well-typed way to program Javascript apps with the help of tooling and java language. Java web development team can avail immediate access to hundreds of well-typed Javascript libraries.

If one asks what exactly you know about JSweet, you can tell him/her that it is a project aims at programming modern web apps in simple java with java IDEs. It is completely open source.

There are two reasons to incline towards JSweet. Number one, as with HTML5 and its latest JavaScript API, new web browsers have transformed into most universal execution platform, pluggable, and competent on majority of operating systems. Secondly, as Java is among top efficient languages for designing and intending intricate applications using its universal community support for distinct IDEs.

Many developers take it as good thing happened to their profiles due to its simple syntax and robust typing features. In other words, the concept of JSweet is very simple, i.e to leverage the both worlds- java for the coding, and JavaScript for the execution and deployment.

For Who Jsweet Will Be A Great Treat?

Any java developer or programmer who wishes to esign client-side HTML5 applications and who prefers advanced IDE support can think about JSweet. Experts suggest Java language because it offers the best IDE support and its community does care about building robust applications.

It’s a light solution that adds bits of Java syntax to TypeScript. You can easily differentiate between TypeScript and JSweet in a few words. JSweet is similar to TypeScript, but for Java only. Programmers can get an option to program real web apps. Moreover, they don’t need to drop Java anymore. It also forms accommodations for Node.JS and does to same with it as TypeScript does; i.e. adds types in Java only.

The only difficult part of the JSweet is that java web development team has to be open-minded and should not be only reliable to some java logic during programming of web app.

Programmers and developers need to understand that JSweet is not GWT as when they program using JSweet, they need to consider JavaScript, not Java. The JavaScript APIs and Java are a way different from each other.