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We offer expert application design and development services using different Java frameworks. Our custom web development services include spring, Struts, JSF, Induction and Liferay Java web frameworks.

Our high end web solutions are most suitable for your business and can be customized for improvising effectiveness and quality of your product. Let us have a quick look on frameworks we focus on during web application development -

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Spring is light weight framework strongly recommended for web application development. The framework offers flexible integration facility with struts, hibernate, JSF etc. The framework supports WEB MVC architecture that alone itself is capable to develop and drive robust and scalable web applications.

In broader sense, “Spring” can be defined as a solution of the various technical problems related to web development. The” Spring” Framework is also featured with several modules inside it such as IOC-Dependency Injection, AOP, DAO, Context, ORM, WEB MVC etc. We have hands-on experience in spring development assuring most productive outputs for enterprises.


“Struts” is open source framework that was developed by Apache to build robust web applications for enterprises. It strongly follows MVC paradigm for web application development. The main objective of designing struts was to separating model from view and controller phase.

M - Model - Application base that interacts with database
V - View - HTML web pages that are presented to client
C - Controller - Exchanges information between view and model phase

Struts also favors web form internationalization and helps in writing custom templates most suited for your business. At Java Professionals, our experience in struts enables us to drive most intelligent enterprise solutions based on your needs.


Java server Faces (JSF) Framework was strongly intended to simplify development of complex user interfaces. The main objective of JSF framework is building customized component based user interfaces for enterprise web applications. Java has already been formalized as standard for Java community process and an integral part of Java Enterprise Edition. JSF can be best utilized when integrated with Spring Framework.

At Javaprofessionals.net, we offer seamless integration of JSF interfaces with Spring Framework and offer quality web development services using robust Java frameworks.


Induction is a high performance framework for designing scalable and powerful web apps. Induction supports MVC design paradigm to simplify development task of most complex web problems. It is also easy to maintain web apps designed or developed using Induction framework. They are also termed as request based web application framework and taken as strong alternative of struts developed by Apache.

Why Induction framework?

  • It avoids redeployment again and again every time Java code is changed.
  • Large web apps maintenance is easy with Induction framework.
  • App does not clutter with XML config files.
  • File uploads handling is much easier and simpler.


Liferay is most powerful open source Java framework for enterprise content management. It helps in building modern websites and web portals for better engagement of customers, employees and partner.

Why enterprises love Liferay?

  • Why enterprises love Liferay?
  • Liferay is Light weight Java framework that offers agile web development in your budget.
  • A complete solution for your web portal with minimal customization requirements.
  • Open source platform that improves quality of software and offers more flexibility to developers.
  • Liferay can be integrated with both enterprise based and web based solutions.

We have recently reviewed most powerful Java web frameworks in brief that are most suitable for giving robust enterprise solutions. To know more on our offerings and our technical competencies on Java frameworks and technologies, contact our expert team now.