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Middle Tier / Persistence

We offer customized business solutions that are deployed ably by expert team of Java professionals. Our experience in designing robust and scalable business solutions is truly remarkable.

Our expert team of Java developers has worked on all popular middle tier/persistence frameworks that make them suitable for handling projects that demands for complex data handling. Let us discuss on few database platforms we are working on -

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Hibernate is an open source object oriented mapping framework performing wonderful and absolute free to download. How does it work?

  • Hibernate is responsible for mapping Java classes and database together.
  • It also takes care of Java data types plus SQL data types.
  • It also facilitates data retrieval and data query features.

Hibernate is persistence solution that has become immensely popular among its competitors because of its robust features and seamless functionalities. Most of database related issues are handled by hibernate framework itself so that developers can focus on application logic and he has not to worry about SQL syntax.


Enterprise Java Beans are abbreviated as EJB. IT was developed by Sun Microsystems with an objective of delivering safe, robust and distributed applications to enterprises.

EJB apps once ready are deployed to server so they are also popular as server side components. The EJB apps generally follow three-tier architecture whose components include web container, EJB container, and the database. This three-tier architecture is responsible for deployment of safe and secure enterprise apps.


JDBC is Java database connectivity program enables secure database connection and defines how data base can be accessed. It offers data updates and data query features.

It strongly supports relational databases and highly safe in use. It was released by Sun Microsystems as a part of Java standard edition. If any application needs to access database then we have to make JDBC connection at that point.


JPA (Java Persistence API) was given by Oracle to store large volume of data persistently and efficiently. There is number of platforms available for easy handling of data but developers usually struggle when it comes to safe database operations.

Usually, there is need of robust coding and programming structure to interact with the database but with JPA burden of interacting with database has been reduced significantly. It helps in making bride between java models and the database models.


MyBatis is an open source persistence framework distributed under the License of Apache. This persistence framework usually connects data objects with SQL statement with the help of XML descriptors. Hibernate helps in creating POJOs and updating them whereas MyBatis framework can perform this operation quickly even when domain is very large. This is an expert platform for fetching SQL queries and quickly maps with POJO’s non-entity beans.

We have already discussed on major database technologies available so far. Working on all of these technologies is not a rocket science but the challenge is to choose one of the best that suits most as per your project needs. Here javaprofessionals.net is playing very significant role where we not only handles your project needs but also suggest most appropriate solution for your business.

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