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We offer a turnkey solution to our clients by opting for robust Java technologies and frameworks. Our hands-on experience in various open source Java frameworks makes us most reputed name in Java development history.

Our agile methodology enables us to deliver most robust business solution in committed time frame only. Let us discuss on different open source frameworks we are using at Javaprofessioanl.net -

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Apache Tomcat

Apache Tomcat is an open source web server designed by Apache Foundation to run multiple Java enterprise edition specifications including Servlet, JSP, web sockets etc. This open source software was distributed under Apache license 2.0 for secure exchange of most sensitive information. Its architecture supports deployment of web apps across various environments. It is also possible to manage web sessions of applications across various networks.

Web Logic

The best web server framework to build and deploy robust enterprise apps and enterprise services with minimum costs of operations and enhanced stability and improved performance. Web Logic is completely based on standardization of modular components and offers complete set of services for same modules. it also deals with application behavior without any requirement of programming skills.


JBoss is application server used by enterprises to create apps, integrate apps and to deploy apps. It offers automation services for business processes and makes them faster. Earlier Oracle bid to buy JBoss for $400 million but finally it was acquired by Red Hat for $420 million. It assures safe web operations and secured information exchange.


Web sphere is an open source application server used by enterprise to build, integrate and deploy apps. It was developed and distributed by IBM and available to general market since 1988. It’s a long time developers working on web sphere server and it has become one of the most popular choice by professional for secure and efficient exchange of information.


GlassFish was developed by Sun Microsystems to support Java Enterprise Edition and now sponsored by Oracle Foundation. The sponsored version is now named as Oracle GlassFish server. It strongly supports various Java EE specifications like JSP, Java beans, RMI etc. it offers Java developers a programming platform that helps them in creating most robust enterprise apps with minimum deployment time.

At Java professionals, we have working experience on all of these web server frameworks. Now enterprise apps development, maintenance and deployment is much easier than it was considered in past. To know more on to our experience and technical competencies, contact us now.