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Web Services

Web service is a piece of software that enables itself on internet and can be given as standardization of XML or HTML. Today, XML has become most efficient and safe platform to give expert web services globally. In Java there are few popular web services that can be used along with your program to make it more scalable, robust and efficient. Let us discuss on these web services in brief one by one -

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SOAP means Simple Object Access Protocol. This is an XML based protocol designed to access web services. This protocol is highly recommended by w3c to establish communication channels between two web apps. It is language independent and platform independent. It facilitates quick interaction between different apps written in different programming languages.


Rest stands for Representational state transfer design to deliver best services on web. It is usually considered as architecture not a protocol. It is used to modify or enhance performance of web services to work best on web. Rest has simple and well defined set of features is designed for seamless communication between apps. Its architecture and working is very much similar to HTTP protocol.


WSDL is an XML based protocol especially designed to define interface for web services. XML elements are defined in such way that it matches Java interface declaration suitably. Working with WSDL demands for relevant experience and good programming skills.


JBOSSWS is a web service framework designed as a part of JBOSS application server. JBOSSWS offer integration of web apps with any WS related technologies to get compliance with Java Enterprise Edition. It was developed with an objective of integration with Apache CFX for seamless communication on web.

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Axis is web based framework design to give next generation web services. It is based on SOAP architecture and designed by IBM to use with Apache. It also supports RPC framework.

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